Dr. Thomas "Ken" Taylor

has exceptional experience leading Occupational and Environmental programs with a ster­ling track record of clinical care, the reduction of work related injuries as well asnd environmental and epidemiologi­cal surveillances. With over 25 years practicing Obstetrics and Gynecology before transitioning to Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Dr. Taylor is one of few doctors nationwide to serve as an expert witness and legal consul­tant in medical, environmental medicine and public health cases. He also has a track record of success in medical management is recognized as a renowned medical practitioner, trusted expert and confidante, respected presenter, published medical scholar and a highly regarded clinical instructor.

Dr. Taylor practices occupational and preventive medicine and provides medical and operational leadership in occu­pational medicine and preventive care and serves as Medical Director regarding the same. In addition to providing both clinical care as well as oversight of patient treatment and rehabilitation, he performs surveillances of work con­ditions and collaborates with managers to improve safety & prevention programs.

In addition to his clinical practice, Chimera Medical, a multifaceted preventive medicine and wellness center based in Atlanta, claims Dr. Taylor as its CEO and Medical Director; there, Dr. Taylor consults regarding medical practice or­ganization and provides operational leadership to clinical practices and allied health companies. Operationally, he develops medical protocols, budgetary goals, performs medical staff training/oversight and develops measures to im­prove methods, performance and quality of medical service and increase efficiency, among other things.


Previously, Dr. Taylor founded and served as Medical Director ofNorthwest Women's Care in Marietta, Georgia (a part of the WellStar Health System) amid much skepticism. It was essentially unheard of for an African-American physician to coordinate a team of midwives and build a successful practice in a predominantly Caucasian commu­nity. This innovative move caused the practice to grow more than 300% during his 12-year tenure. More than 150 de­liveries per month were performed, and the practice was among those with the lowest mortality and morbidity rates and the most successful C-section and VBAC (birth after C-section) rates throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area. Additionally, the practice is one of WellStar 's largest OB/GYN practices in the country, providing top-notch and cut­ting-edge healthcare to the largest diverse patient population in the area. Passionate about his commitment to deliv­ering quality health care to underserved populations, he has also worked with community health centers in Miami, Florida delivering prenatal and obstetrical care to help fill gaps with underserved populations in that area. Further, Dr. Taylor is a clinical instructor to medical students and/or medical residents at the Center for Haitian Studies in as sociation with the University of Miami, Nova Southeastern University and Ross University Schools of Medicine, and the Larkin Family Practice Residency.

Dr. Taylor has reached national and international audiences by sharing his expertise on countless platforms to in­clude the Tom Joyner Morning Show, WHUR-Howard University Radio, Playboy Radio, and American Urban Radio, and as a featured columnist for many online and print magazines.

Raised in Durham, North Carolina, Dr. Taylor earned his Bachelor's degree from Morehouse College, his Master's degree from North Carolina A&T State University, and his Doctorate in Medicine from East Carolina University. He completed his residency in Baltimore, Maryland and subsequently obtained a Master of Business Ad ministration from Kennesaw State University (Kennesaw, Georgia.) He is a member of the Atlanta Medical Association, Georgia Medical Association and the National Medical Association.

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